Sunday, February 17, 2008


We're very excited to introduce our new blog! Lani and I look forward to discussing our latest and greatest weddings, as well as many other fun projects. We both love to endeavor upon anything artistic and creative - that's why floral design in so enjoyable for us. Not only do we get to work with the most beautiful blooms from around the globe, but we get to explore new and interesting ways with which to showcase these just-picked beauties! Because flowers are so fleeting, it makes them all that more special. And we know most brides would agree! There's nothing quite as rewarding as the grand smile we receive when presenting a bride with her very own bouquet on her wedding day. It becomes an integral part of many of the photographs, and thus, part of history! We hope you enjoy reading what we're up to this year, and feel free to leave us any questions or comments.

I thought it prudent to introduce ourselves also. Lani and I are not only business partners, but the best of friends as well. We met as art students at Santa Clara University and have been creating together ever since. We've had a blast helping in the plans and preparations of each other's weddings, and have grown our families at the same time, even. We both have adorable little boys who are each almost 2 years old, and we know they'll soon be inseparable. Already the boys love "smelling the roses" and have even dappled in floral design creations of their own.

Here is a cute photo of Lani bringing buckets brimming with roses to one of our weddings in Carmel.

And here I am wrapping up bridal party bouquets with some exquisite hand-died silk ribbon. We prefer the bouquets to drink water right up to the last minute, so I was preparing them during the reception setup at the Westin San Francisco before heading up to the bride's suite.

Notice we're always color-coordinating with our logo? Yes we're girly that way. Even our male assistants have our pink logo embroidered on their polos :o) Anyway, enjoy! --Elizabeth
I just had to come back and share this last photo of the two of us at Lani's wedding - so cute!

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Anonymous said...

hi girls! the flowers on your site are the prettiest flowers i've ever seen! oh my, oh my!i want them on my wedding!